Woman falls off running train, saved by two railway cops in Thane | Thane News – Times of India

THANE: Two on-duty railway policemen saved a woman from an imminent mishap at the Thane railway station on Saturday morning after she fell off a running train.
The railway police said that the passenger, Dhanpatti Bharadwaj, had tried to alight from the Mumbai-bound Mahanagari Express after it started moving, but lost her balance and fell on the platform. She was about to fall in the gap between the train and the platform. “The woman panicked and tried to get off in the wrong direction after the train started moving,” said senior inspector N G Khadkikar, Thane railway police.

“Assistant police inspector Nitin Patil and assistant sub inspector Sattar Shaikh were at the spot and instantly reached out to save Bharadwaj along with few others,” said API Patil.

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