This girl will get 60 lakh rupees for becoming a boyfriend, see the truth of this fact here

60 lakh rupees will be available on becoming a boyfriend of this girl, see the truth here: – Hello friends, today we will talk about a girl who is giving 60 lakh rupees to become a boyfriend, by the way, let us tell you that this girl has An advertisement has been given on a website, who will become the boyfriend of this girl, she will get 60 lakh rupees every year as well as this girl is a resident of Britain, her age is 23 years and the name of this girl is Jane Park, so let us now elaborate about it. understand from

આ માહિતી ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

🤑 60 lakhs to become a boyfriend

This girl is from Britain, she is 23 years old and this girl’s name is Jane Park, let us tell you that Jane Park was 17 years old when she won a lottery and she became a millionaire, after that the line of people who went to her At the same time, people were after his money, they looked for true love, but people used their money.

Also, after this, Jane understood the truth and Jane has started a website, by giving an advertisement on this website, she is looking for a man who can become her boyfriend, can truly love her, she also said that any person in this post Can apply, but the condition is that he only has to love Jane, along with this, Jane wrote on her website that if someone likes her and truly loves her, then she will give that person 60 for a year. Are ready to give up to lakhs of rupees, as well as after this advertisement of Jane Park, thousands of people have applied to become boyfriends.

Conclusion: – Friends, in today’s article, we will get 60 lakh rupees for becoming a boyfriend of this girl, see here we have given detailed information about the truth of this thing. That’s why we hope that you must have liked today’s article essential, and today’s article must have helped you some. If you have any opinion about this article, then you must let us know by commenting below.

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