Suspended AAP Councillor Laundered Money To Fuel Delhi Riots: Police

Delhi Police filed a second supplementary chargesheet in the Delhi riots case

New Delhi:

Suspended AAP councillor Tahir Hussain gave fake bills of workforce supply to launder money for fuelling riots in north-east Delhi, the police told a Delhi court in its second supplementary chargesheet.

The court on January 5 admitted the supplementary chargesheet filed against former Jawaharlal Nehru University student Umar Khalid in the case linked to violence in Delhi’s Khajuri Khas last year.

The main chargesheet was filed in June against Mr Hussain and others in the case.

The supplementary charge sheet said that during the investigation, public witness Roshan Pathak was examined over financial transactions by Mr Hussain in January 2020, allegedly for preparing anti-Citizenship (Amendment) Act or anti-CAA protests and riots.

It said Mr Pathak, who was working as an accountant in one of the companies of Mr Hussain, told police that he allegedly took cash from two people – Amit Gupta and Manoj Thakur – and given that money to him.


“It has transpired that Tahir Hussain had transferred this money from his company account to the accounts of other companies, details of which had already been filed in the previous supplementary chargesheet and had used Roshan Pathak to bring the money back to him. This cash was then used by Tahir Hussain to organize riots in the area of North East District,” the chargesheet said.

The chargesheet said details of cheating and forgery by Mr Hussain have emerged – he allegedly induced his partner Nitesh Gupta to transfer money to his shell company accounts. The suspended AAP councillor gave fake bills of workforce supply to Nitesh Gupta when no such service was provided.

“These fake bills were seized by Enforcement Directorate during their investigation of money laundering by accused Tahir Hussain. Photocopies of some fake bills were provided by Nitesh Gupta during the investigation of the present case… Hence, section 420 (cheating), 467 (forgery) IPC have been added in the present case against accused Mohd Tahir Hussain,” the chargesheet said.

The Enforcement Directorate has also filed a money laundering case against Mr Hussain and Amit Gupta.

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