Mumbai: Part salary for BEST staffers will be paid in coins this month | Mumbai News – Times of India

MUMBAI: Despite BEST committee recently giving nod to SBI for collecting lakhs of coins accumulated at the bus depots across Mumbai, the BEST administration on Thursday issued a circular that ‘salaries will be paid partly in coins this month as well’.
Panel member Sunil Ganacharya expressed surprise over this decision. “When they wanted approval, the administration brought the proposal before the BEST panel and got it cleared quickly during the last meeting. Now, they have a circular which mentions that Rs 16,000 will be paid in coins and cash of small denominations collected from passengers.”
Staffers too expressed disappointment as it was cumbersome to carry the coins home. “We also find it difficult to count coins during the pandemic as we have to wash and sanitise hands often,” said an employee.

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