Four armed men leisurely loot Rs 2 crore gold and diamonds from showroom in Mira Road | Mumbai News – Times of India

MUMBAI: Four armed men robbed gold and diamonds worth over Rs 2 crore from a jewellery showroom in Mira Road on Thursday. The over 15-minute theft, carried out leisurely, was captured on CCTV cameras in the showroom.
The accused, in their 30s, wearing masks due to Covid-19, entered the eight-year-old S Kumar Gold and Diamonds showroom, on a busy road in Sector 4 of Shanti Nagar at 2pm. After interacting with counter-staff about jewellery, one of them pulled out a revolver, while the others walked around, picking up ornaments and putting them in their bags.
They put few ornaments, like finger and ear rings, in their trouser pockets. The security guard was seated on a stool in the showroom with folded hands.
After 15 minutes, the thieves ensure they have picked up every ornament and walk out.
Police said they arrived on two motorbikes. While two left with a bag on a motorbike, two had to flee on foot as their two-wheeler gave way. The motorbike was abandoned outside the showroom.
Police suspect the two-wheelers used were stolen. The men my have done a recce of the showroom, as they showed no no sign of urgency and did not try to avoid the CCTV cameras.
Staffs told police that when the men walked in with masks they presumed they were customers.
On December 30, Rs 8 crore jewellery was stolen from a Boisar showroom. The security guard, captured on CCTV camera carrying out the theft, is absconding.

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