Coronavirus: CDC says this disorder can make you more vulnerable to a COVID infection | The Times of India

Down syndrome is a genetic condition that leads to mild to serious physical and developmental problems. It is caused when abnormal cell division results in an extra full or partial copy of chromosome 21. The severity of these cases varies from people to people.

It is a lifelong condition and cannot be cured. However, getting the right care at an early stage can make it easy for people suffering from the condition to live a meaningful life. People with Down syndrome tend to have certain physical features in common like eyes that slant up at the outer corner, small ears, flat noses, protruding tongue, short neck, small hands and feet.

As per the researchers, this condition is associated with immune dysfunction, congenital heart failure, and pulmonary pathology, all of which can be an unconfirmed risk factor for severe COVID-19. But not all with down syndrome are at risk. The researchers suspect differences in immune system function may play a critical role. People with this condition have immune system dysregulation and in many cases of COVID-19 it has been noticed that aggressive immune reaction may end up damaging the body’s organs.

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