China’s artificial sun – From a string of pearls initiative!

China’s pledge to harness clean energy. China’s artificial sun broke the record by executing plasma hit at 120 million celsius for 101 sec & 160 million Celsius for 20 sec, a prominent action toward the examination run of the fusion reactor.

The world’s foremost nuclear fusion reactor anointed the artificial sun, turned on in China. The reactor busts the world record by maintaining temperature five times hotter than the sun.

China’s artificial sun is also known as the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak or EAST, it is hotter than the Sun. Is not it fascinating??

Well, if we talk about the major issues that are degrading our planet earth then global warming stands top. Environmentalists, scientists, and global leaders all around the world are finding solutions to deal with the threat of environmental crisis. 

The solution is switching to “clean energy.” 

Environmental issues are abode very seriously by every country across the globe. Climate change is the number one priority when it comes to tackling pollution and reducing global warming. 

The idea is to create an infinite supply of clean energy by mimicking reactions that occur in stars like our sun.

The initiative cost China $943 billion, and the experiment nominates to go until June 2022.

Nuclear fusion, according to scientists, could help humans maximize renewable energy output. However, developing such technology is incredibly difficult; nuclear fusion reactors can only create energy in lab environments, after decades of effort.

The Chinese artificial sun is to generate clean energy that is a step towards saving this greener planet. Nuclear fusion reactors combine atomic nuclei to create large amounts of energy, later that is converting into electricity, by mimicking the physics of giant stars like our sun. It’s the end of our energy woes!

Nuclear fusion is cleaner and more environmentally friendly than present technologies because it does not require the use of fossil fuels or toxic waste. 

According to reports, China will also offer technical support to the team building the same project in France. The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER). France’s ITER will be the world’s largest reactor when completed. 

EAST is a major milestone in the growth of China’s nuclear power capabilities. Apart from EAST, two other major Tokamaks are operating across the country. 

Renewable energy can be replenished, unlike non-renewable energy. People are stressing the three R principles: Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle

The use of plastic is explored as the biggest issue, which is damaging the ocean as most of the plastics are ultimately dumped in the ocean. 

There are global efforts to save the planet Earth. For instance, the Paris climate agreement, 2015 was a major step mark by over 197 countries to take steps to tackle climate change and generate clean energy. 

Several countries are making efforts to expand their nuclear power capabilities. And find new horizons in generating clean energy. It is worth mentioning India’s Aditya- L1 mission which is a solar mission to study the parameters and dynamics of the solar corona and solar mass ejections. 

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