Bird flu: Sellers rue decline in sales of chicken in Delhi | Delhi News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Is it safe to consume chicken and eggs in Delhi in the backdrop of bird flu being reported from several parts of the country? Whatever the answer, meat shop owners are complaining of a decline in sales of chicken, adding to their apprehensions about lean pickings after the Covid lockdown had already hit their earnings.
“There is a ban on poultry products in states where bird flu cases have been recorded, but there are no reports in Delhi, so I don’t understand why people are not buying chicken,” said Kannu Singh, a Rajouri Garden meat seller. Sanjay Chauhan, owner of Kaynat Meat Shop in Mehrauli, grumbled about losses. “My shop is very popular and we have at least 250 people coming daily. But in the matter of two days, sales have dipped 70% and there are barely 70 customers now,” Chauhan claimed.
Many others too are facing the same problem, though they expected it once news came of bird flu in some states. Anuj, owner of Khub Chand Meat Shop on Hudson Lane, said, “I knew that something like this would happen. Bird flu hasn’t reached Delhi but our business has been impacted. However, I am sure that people will soon start returning to buy chicken. How long will they won’t?”
A few shops have reduced chicken prices to attract buyers. Taran of Sardar Pure Meat Shop grumbled that after Covid hit his earnings, business was down 15% due to the bird flu scare. “People are scared to buy chicken so we have offered a reduced price to them. Why are they scared, there’s no bird flu in Delhi?” he said. Wholesale prices too have been affected by lack of demand. Mohammad Salim, a retail chicken vendor in Kondli, informed, “The rate at the Ghazipur chicken mandi is down to Rs 85-105.”
Meanwhile, Vicky Kumar, manager of Best Meat Shop in Janakpuri, suggested that if chicken was cooked well, then the flu virus was easily eliminated. “People are already scared of Covid. They are unsure of the bird flu, so are skipping chicken altogether. The sale of mutton, however, hasn’t been affected,” said Kumar. Mohammed Qureshi, who sells meat in Laxmi Nagar, added, “The number of individual buyers has declined but the demand from small vendors selling tandoori items hasn’t.”
An official at Ghazipur mandi said the supply was normal. “Around 240 tonnes of chicken arrived in the mandi on Thursday which is what it is normally,” the official said. The mandi primarily receives supplies from Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

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