An expansive Madhyamavati with intertwined swara matrices by Sunil Gargyan

Sunil Gargyan is a young and energetic vocalist blessed with a robust voice. Open-throated delivery and perfect enunciation of the sahityam backed by good training also work in his favour. Gargyan had crafted his one-hour programme with good understanding. Andal’s Thiruppavai, ‘Nayakanai nindra’, was the opening song in Mohanam. Sunil started the raga deliberation of Hamsanandhi with short and long phrases emphasising the contours of the raga. It augured well for Ambujam Krishna’s rare Tamil composition ‘Punnagai ondre podhume.’ The singer’s presentation took care of the ample emotional tenor conveyed by the lyrics.

Sincere approach

The short and rare Dikshitar kriti ‘Renukadevi samrakshithoham’ in Kannadabangala was the filler before Sunil Gargyan went in for a detailed alapana of Madhyamavati. A soulful raga, Sunil touched the signature phrases very effectively and went on to explore the emotional nuances of the raga with absolute sincerity. His choice was Saint Tyagaraja’s popular composition ‘Rama Katha sudha’. The customary line ‘Bhama mani janaki sowmitri’ was taken up for extrapolation and swara exercise. The swara matrices were skilfully woven and this also elicited perfect responses from violinist Madurai M. Vijayaganesh. The kuraippu swaras set on shadjam continued for a few rounds and ended with perfection.

After the expansive treat of Madhyamavati, Sunil Gargyan concluded the concert with Syama Sastri’s ‘Brovavamma’ in Nilambari soaked in piety and melody and a fast-paced Thiruppugazh.

From start to finish, the concert was marked by involvement and vivacity from all three participants. Vijayaganesh also demonstrated his musical prowess in his brief raga essay of Hamsanandhi as well as with Madhyamavati.

Srivanchiam R. Sriram on the mridangam was replete with verve. His dynamic but brief tani avartanam in this one-hour concert was absolutely impressive.

With all the appreciation there is a word of caution to young and up-and-coming artiste Sunil Gargyan; there is a slender line that demarcates open-throated and loud rendition. It is wise he keeps a tight leash on this aspect while cruising raga essays and swarakalpanas.

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